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Training to Train? by Jack Tripp

Training to Train?
Could someone please tell me when it became necessary to practice or train up to attend training? Too often I have asked people in the last year when students are going to attend training with us.  I am not a salesman and generally these people tell me that they are really interested in doing some training with us, be it on the personal defense/firearms realm, or on the fitness side with our functional fitness or fitshot.  All too often the response I get is “Oh I need to go to the range and practice some” or “I need to get in shape before I can work out with you”.  To me this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, so let’s take a look at the reality.

First off, personal protection is a package deal.  If you spend all your time and money on the latest guns, the “right” ammo, and you can shoot a gnat off a rat’s back at 100 yards, it does you absolutely no good if you get in hostile confrontation at arm’s length and you can’t get to your gun because you have not trained any hand-to-hand techniques.  By the same token, you can have all the skills in the world, but if you are grossly overweight and out of shape, the chances of you being able to sustain your skills over a determined attacker diminish greatly.  Think about it, how are you going to operate, with your heart rate at 175, carrying that extra weight, with no strength training, no muscular endurance or cardiovascular fitness, going up against a violent felon who just spent the last 7 years in prison lifting weights, or for that matter, that 18year old street thug who really really wants your wallet and doesn’t care how he gets it?

In the stage of firearms training the concept of training to train is very foreign to me. If I admit to myself that my skills are lacking, why would I want to reinforce crappy skills, practicing crappy skills? The old adage of “practice makes perfect” is wrong! It should read “PERFECT practice makes perfect. We are professional firearms instructors.  We teach everyone from the beginner to the experienced military or law enforcement student.  I don’t care what your training level is; when you leave training you will leave having gained knowledge.  So the bottom line is, select the course that is right for YOUR current proficiency level and strive to get better.

As a side note on firearms training, yes I know you have been shooting for xxxx number of years, or your daddy/boyfriend/husband/ mom whoever taught you how to shoot or you were in the military /law enforcement so you got this.  Well I will tell you, the majority of our time in our level 1 classes our instructors spend fixing all those incorrect things your daddy/boyfriend/husband/ mom / military service or Police academy taught you to do. Come to training with an open mind and willing to learn.  We won’t tell a student you HAVE to do things our way, but we will ask you to at least try. 

As for Fitness training, the whole concept of getting in shape so you can work out is preposterous!  Find quality professionally certified instructors who will evaluate your fitness level and your goals and will work with you to attain those goals safely and without injury.  The concept that most people don’t understand about increasing their fitness is you have to push your body to a point that it is uncomfortable.  I am not talking about injuring yourself, but strive every day to do more than you did yesterday.  That may mean more weight on the bar, longer time on the treadmill, faster pace walking the block, whatever.  You have to increase your intensity to get better, and your body is an extremely amazing machine that will compensate for the added stress you are putting on it and it does so by getting stronger.  You Instructor should design a program that suits you and based on your fitness level and goals, so maybe you can’t make a 30” box jump, can you step up on a 20” box and still get some benefit from the exercise? Absolutely you can.

You have to start somewhere, and the concept of “Forging the Strength of the Warrior” is more about the mindset to train and prepare so if someday you do have to defend yourself or your loved ones, you are ready, mentally and physically and with the skills to do so.

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