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-Dillard (CJ) Johnson US Army retied SFC awarded SilverStar, Bronze Stars and 4 Purple Hearts. President and Co founder of the Big 3. Author and Gun writer with Articles in Soldier Of Fortune and Book of the AK . 

David M. Fortier

David Fortier is an editor and writer for InterMedia Outdoors. Before he began writing for the firearms industry in 1998, he worked in the military aerospace industry building specialized parts for the Trident and Patriot systems as well as NASA. Over the years he has written extensively on Russian and Chinese small arms, ammunition and optics. In 2004 he was the recipient of the prestigious Carl Zeiss Outdoors Writer of the Year award. He holds a Master’s card in NRA High Power and Long Range competition. In addition to his print and online articles Fortier spent nine years as part of the top-rated Guns&AmmoTV show. In 2013 he traded TV to become Editor of a new IMO self-preparedness title, Be Ready! Today, in addition to editing Be Ready! and writing for Shotgun News he is a regular contributor to RifleShooter, Book of the AR-15, Book of the AK47 and other fine InterMedia Outdoor titles.

Mark "Marco" Vorobiev

Mark "Marco" Vorobiev is a writer for Intermedia Outdoors, Inc. and writes for Guns and Ammo, Shotgun News, Tactical Operator, Book of the AK and Book of the AR magazines.  Apart from being a writer for IMO Marco Vorobiev is a Firearms and Tactics Instructor and operates his Behind Lines ( School.  Veteran of the Soviet Armed Forces, he served in the 40th Army in a Spetsnaz unit during the Soviet Afghanistan Campaign. Marco served as both a "Sniper" and an assault group rifleman from 1985 to 1987. He has received the Order of the Red Star for his actions in combat and was wounded in action. Marco is a Master of Sports of USSR in SAMBO and Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt) in JUDO and still competes on Master Circuit.  Mechanical Engineer by trade Marco has spent most of his career in the Railroad Industry in the US and abroad.  Today he resides in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife and two sons

Military Arms Channel Blog

Tim is the founder of the Military Arms Channel on YouTube and a principal in, the webs premiere firearms video content site. Tim has been vblogging and writing since founding MAC in 2008. With a primary focus on military type firearms, MAC has grown to become one of the most respected sources of firearms information on YouTube. Tim is a former Marine (MCSF Co) and owns a small gun shop in his home town.

‎Todd Jaderborg

‎Todd Jaderborg is an U S Army vet. He writes for Be Ready Magazine. His interests are history,armoring, blacksmithing,survival, shooting, archery, and gear testing.   An avid outdoorsman with ‎a strong sense of wanting to know how it was done before the industrial revolution and how to make it. 

Kevin the TacDaddy

-Kevin Reichard is an average American dad who takes the responsibility of protecting his family very seriously! Everyday concealed carry psychology, non-lethal alternatives, and real world scenarios explored and discussed. Concealed carry and EDC product reviews. CHECK OUT TACDADDY LIVE EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT - Guns, Info, and Entertainment with firearms in the news, a weekly guest, and tech time each week. NEW GUEST EVERY WEEK! Tune in LIVE or watch the show in this channels feed the day after it airs. Turn it up to 1080P for best quality. For daily updates, check out out home page at

-The VSO Gun Channel is the publishing forum for VigilantSpectre Operations Media (VSO). VSO specializes in "High-Resolution-Action" Photography and is always looking to bring the most cutting edge to the forefront. Please contact us directly for filming or R&D/T&E opportunities with VSO.
Bend the Fit, Scratch the Finish

SFC(R) John Peterson

John Peterson is a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier now serving as a contract instructor, executive protection specialist, and writer.  He is a combat veteran of the Global War on Terrorism which included service as a Special Forces soldier in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. Since then, he has served a number of times in the combat zones as a U.S Government contractor in the intelligence sector as well as on SOF contracts here in the U.S.A., He was also a government civilian at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
He has worked full time as a firearms & tactics instructor for the Smith & Wesson Academy, SigSauer Academy, and federal government,  with over 10 years experience teaching to thousands of personnel in all levels of law enforcement, military, government, and the public.
He most especially likes instructing concealed carry and tactical rifle courses.
He also has experience as an antiterrorism and driving instructor, private investigator, executive protection specialist, intelligence role player, surveillance specialist, surveillance instructor, and Infantryman in the U.S. Army.
He was a co-founder of the American Sniper Association and the National Patrol Rifle Competition & Conference. He donates much of his time to various government, law enforcement, and public safety related causes.
He is currently General Advisor to the International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals and Special Projects Director for the Counterterrorism & Security Education and Research Foundation, as well as serving on the boards of 2 associations and 2 conference events.

John is a life member of the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, IACSP, Army Sniper Association, Gun Owners of New Hamshire, Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts,  Special Forces Association, Special Operations Association, DAV, and Veterans of Foreign Wars.  

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Ancel "Shwell" Robinson

A constant Contributor to the Gun Industry with Video coverage as well as Written Articles and Product Reviews. A casually Professional look at the Lifestyle with added visuals shared through Youtube and Social Media. Search Shwell11 on all Social Media platforms.